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SimSoup 0.5 Underway: Molecule Type Splitter Now Working

6 December 2008

Work on SimSoup 0.5 is now underway. This release will be the first to add structure to Molecule Types, making the model much more open ended. Each Molecule Type will have a structure, and Interactions will typically involve splitting of structures (Fission) or joining of structures (Construction). In order for this to work, there has to be a 'splitting' algorithm. The algorithm is now working, making use of the C++ Boost Graph Library.

1000 SimSoup Downloads Via Softpedia

29 October2008

Today the number of downloads of SimSoup via the free software site Softpedia hit 1000! The SimSoup page on Softpedia is here. There are also many downloads direct from the SimSoup download page. The SimSoup 0.4 binary program has been downloaded 43 times so far this month. The presentation "The Origin Of Life: An Outline of Key Issues and a Case for the Metabolic View" has been downloaded 84 times so far this month.

SimSoup now on Google Code

17 August 2008

The latest SimSoup development version code is now available on the project's Google Code area

SimSoup 0.4 Released

26 July 2008

SimSoup 0.4 is now available for download. Binary and source packages are available.

SimSoup version 0.4 includes the features listed below. Items that are new in this release are highlighted in italic.

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