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SimSoup User Interface Migrates to GTK

21 January 2007

I am migrating the SimSoup user interface to use GTK directly, rather than being based on the Lazarus GUI library (LCL). This will complete the migration from the old Borland C++ Builder / Kylix code. I've been experiencing some stability problems in the development version of SimSoup, and I think it may be a problem related to the Lazarus / Free Pascal initialisation or some part of the way I am using Lazarus.

The main benefit of using Lazarus was that it made the migration from Borland C++ Builder / Kylix straightforward. It now makes sense to simplify things by using GTK directly. I'm using the GTKMM API that is provided for use from C++ code; it has turned out to be reasonably easy. I now have the simulation statistics based on GTK, and will migrate the rest of the user interface in due course.

Thanks to the Lazarus team. Its a great product and has really helped with the development of SimSoup.